Production service company The Roots, a trusted collaborator for noted North American and European production companies, has forged an alliance with three of Mexico’s top industry leaders to form The Roots/Mexico. The expansion unites depth of experience in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and now Mexico with an intensified relationship with North American clients, also adding power via US-based Service Executive Producer, In The Kitchen’s Debra Maniscalco.

“This is a labor of love to provide true partnership for a global production community,” comments The Roots Managing Partner EP Ariel Leon Isacovitch. “The industry has experienced an upheaval this past year and we found an even greater meaning in being of service to our clients. This has been a time of change and reflection, and we are appreciative of being in even closer contact and proximity to the North American markets.”

The Roots/Mexico brings together Ariel Leon Isacovitch and The Maestros Founder and Partner in Rebolucion MX, Enrique Nava, to open this new company in Mexico. United, they provide The Roots service quality and attention to details with a respected local foundation with decades of experience in advertising, feature film and content production. Their shared passion for craft, and the industry that fosters it, is the foundation for the joint venture in Service Production. 

With active participation in the AICP and professional organizations in each country The Roots has a presence, Isacovitch and his partners in Mexico are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and are conversant in the latest issues facing the industry. A longtime proponent of sustainability, The Roots established The Roots Forest in Chile through a nonprofit organization in Patagonia called Reforestemos. Following each production, clients are provided geotag coordinates to track growth in this native forest. Additionally, The Roots recently joined the grassroots initiative Green The Bid, to help ensure best practices are established and connected with shoots in each of The Roots locations.

In the US, Debra Maniscalco brings experience in bidding for and with North American-based production companies, along with experience in finding the best production solutions worldwide. They are essential links, and a local extension when Ariel is not in the US, to North American companies that collaborate with service partners. Maniscalco works as a seamless integration and communications conduit with The Roots. ensuring that production runs smoothly and efficiently from country to county, idea to delivery.

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